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Telecommunications & Data communications
In today's business world, battles for clients and revenue are won or lost based on information. Who gets information first? Who gets it fast? Who has the most information? Reliable data communications is one of the biggest challenges facing any businesses in today's global market. We at BT Technologies, are here to help you realize your full business potential, by enabling your business meet these challenges on a daily basis. We offer a full range of products and services for transmitting information (voice, data, or video), technical training for design and installation of cabling infrastructure, consultancy and more.
Fiber Optics
Cabling & Training
BT Technologies currently owns and operates the only fully accredited training facility on the African continent. Our training center lab is has the latest in fiber optics cabling equipment and manuals to ensure. We are currently offering classes in.
BISCI which stands for "Building Industry Consulting Services International is a world leader in telecommunications education. They offer the telecommunications professional standards based, vendor-neutral training, technical publications, prestigious registrations, and educational conferences to aid in furthering careers.