BICSI  is a professional association that provides information, education and knowledge assessment for individuals and companies in the ICT industry. BICSI serves more than 23,000 ICT professionals, including designers, installers and technicians through courses, conferences, publications and professional registration programs, BICSI staff and volunteers assist ICT professionals in delivering critical products and services, and offer opportunities for continual improvement and enhanced professional stature.

BT Technologies Ltd is in partner with this professional association and the only accredited licensed company in West Africa to run BICSI courses.

IN101: BICSI ITS Installer 1 Training Course is an intensive 5-day, 40-hour course for anyone wishing to pursue a career in ITS cabling distribution. Little or no experience is required. Background, knowledge and basic skills needed to function effectively on the job will be taught.

IN225: BICSI ITS Installer 2, Copper Training Course is a 5-day course to set foundation of a copper-based structured cabling system installation. Course provides an overview of copper transmission-principles, professionalism, safety and general industry best practices. Course time will be spent on BICSI best practices for the installation, termination, testing and retrofitting of copper cable

IN250: BICSI ITS Installer 2, Optical Fiber Training Course is a 5-day course setting the groundwork for optical fiber-based structured cabling system installation. The course will open with an overview of fiber transmission principles, professionalism, life safety and industry best practices, as related to fiber. Course time will be spent on installation, splicing, termination, testing and retrofitting of optical fiber cable. 80% hands on training will be employed.

TE350: BICSI ITS Technician Training Course is an intensive 5-day course that provides the necessary skill set of a structured cabling systems technician. An advanced study of copper splicing, testing and troubleshooting will open this course. A significant amount of course time will be spent on the splicing, testing and troubleshooting of optical fiber cable. The third major topic in this course is field coordination: site surveys, blueprint reading, network infrastructure and project management.

DC125: BICSI Data Center Design and Best Practices Training Course is a full 4-day course that provides an in-depth review of best practices involved in designing data centers. This course teaches the critical steps and considerations for developing a data center design, from determining reliability and redundancy needs prior to site selection, through the process of designing critical infrastructure systems. All major facets of the data center design process are covered, with emphasis given to electrical, HVAC, telecommunications cabling, automation and control systems. Course covers the following topics as listed below:

  • Data Centers and the Design Process
  • Risk, Reliability and Class Rankings
  • Site Location
  • Building Specifications
  • IT Equipment and aisle Layout
  • Computer Room Layout and Design
  • Datacenter Electrical Systems
  • Data Center Cooling
  • Data Center Telecommunications and Cabling
  • Data Center Security and Fire Protection
  • Automation and Control Systems
  • Green Data Centers
  • Commissioning and Maintenance Planning