EXFO Training

EXFO’s NQMS fiber Network Quality Monitoring System is the ideal monitoring solution to manage your cable and fiber network, as well as to help you reduce the time dedicated to troubleshooting and link restoration. Learn more about how to manage fiber alarms, alarms reporting, topology view and trouble tickets. The NQMS fiber training also includes a section on OTDR trace interpretation to help operators better locate, analyze and solve any fault on the fiber.

When it comes to basic fiber measurements and FTTx test solutions, the starting point of all fiber characterization is to test insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL) and reflection. These dynamic courses will review the optical principles being applied to testing in today’s telecommunications industry. Learn about the proper methodology for testing IL and familiarize yourself with how FTTH projects are very sensitive to ORL and reflections

OTDR testing is a key component of fiber characterization and is required in all areas: PON FTTx/MDU, metro CWDM, LAN/WAN access, metro/long- haul and ultra-long-haul networks. Whether you would like to go over reflectometry basics and OTDR post-processing software or explore more advanced OTDR topics, like echoes, troubleshooting and gainers, a number of different OTDR courses are available.

FTTx stands for fiber-to-the-x, where x is a variable that represents the location to which fiber is rolled out. Basically, a location can be anywhere and everywhere. In these courses, FTTx testing will focus on fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) as well as distributed antenna systems (DAS). FTTH requires PON testing, whereas FTTA and DAS require insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL) and OTDR testing. All this and so much more will be covered in this series of training courses.

Dispersion is a major cause of signal degradation. This means that it is extremely important to test for both polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and chromatic dispersion (CD) in order to maintain optimum transmission performance. Optical spectrum analyzers are the perfect tool to accurately fine tune your WDM network. Learn more about our new in-band testing feature that makes full use of our polarization-resolved optical spectrum technique.

OTN-based networks are becoming the network of choice for carriers who demand a stable and resilient method of delivering 40G/100G Ethernet services. These circuits need to be proven capable of handling any of the demanding services that are required to transport data. To do so, test routines must be performed. These tasks can turn out to be complex and cumbersome when they are not executed with the proper test equipment.

Ensuring the consistent delivery of quality data services, like VoIP and IP video, comes with numerous challenges, such as increased network complexity and bandwidth demands, the availability of mission-critical applications and the performance sensitivity between data service and real-time applications. As they are critical to business operations, data communication services require specific network performance levels, and advanced test solutions are required to validate these performance levels.

The expansion of DSL has led to widespread deployment, enabling the reuse of existing copper loops and providing the mass market with cost- effective triple-play services. As networks evolve to withstand emerging bandwidth-intensive applications, service providers need to offer error-free video, quality voice services and reliable high-speed Internet to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Brix System is a seamlessly integrated hardware and software solution that delivers end-to-end quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) visibility as well as real-time IP service monitoring and verification for the world’s most demanding networks. Built on a distributed architecture, the Brix System ensures the successful launch and ongoing, profitable operation of all types of IP-based voice/video/data applications and services across wireline and wireless networks.