Optical Equipement Repair

Instruments are at the heart of any business and they need regular servicing to prevent unwanted breakdown and ensure accurate diagnosis and results.

BT Technologies offers professional, fast and efficient maintenance service backed by industry-leading expertise, reasonable rates in repair of all kinds of Optical equipment manufactured by EXFO, Corning, JILONG and other Optical equipment from leading manufacturers.

We understand that downtime can seriously impede your business and that’s why we’ve designed our workflow and processes with every effort so that your equipment works.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Repair of OptiSplice LID O2, LID O3 CORNING, as well as CDS O2 and O3 Fusion Splicer.
  • Replacing of all kind of spare in all Optical Equipment such as Electrode, Arc Area, Objective Blue and Objective Red, and Optical mainboard.
  • Carrying out First and Advanced level maintenance in all optical equipment.
  • Calibration to EXFO for repair/replacement of OTDR Main board, connector port, and replacement of Ferrules.
  • Repair and service all kind of optical equipment testing tools such VFL, FIP, Optical Talkset e.t.c.