Residential LAN Design & Implementation

Residential LAN Design & Implementation

BT Technologies Ltd is one of the foremost companies in telecoms industry which provides structured cabling infrastructures that meets international standards. We offer as part of our services, Residential Local Area Network cabling as fragment of Network Designs.

The services includes but not limited to; Data, Voice  (Voice over IP (VOIP)), Video Surveillance, Cable TV, Access Control, Burglary Alarm Systems, Building Automation System (BAS) etc. and that has attained Telecoms echelon has Residential LAN Design installation as fragment of Network Designs delivered to clients. These include voice over IP, data, video (surveillance camera) and distributed audio networks.

Our residential networks are designed to supply worry free Internet, voice (over IP), surveillance camera, Wi-Fi and computer networking with self healing solutions that allow your system to know when Internet goes down and repair itself.

We offer proven network design, installation and maintenance services. In most cases, our network designs are implemented and certified okay within TIA standards. Often we take poorly performing network designs and within a few hours create a network “experience” our clients could only dream of having with their previous network!

As part of our professional network services we want to ensure that you know and understand your network topography and get straight answers and swift solutions when things don’t work as expected.

At BT we offer a “value added” solution driven design and installation service for clients interested in the best performance within a given budget. Ultimately our success is built on exceptional service and support through every step of the system integration process.

From our years of research and real world experience we have become intimately aware of the unique characteristics of many of the products and brands you will ultimately choose your residential network solution from. Over these many years we have assembled a large hand select group of best in class product lines and brands which we design into our world class systems every day.

In the end, our value added product selection services will make it easy for you to avoid making the wrong product choice for your unique needs. When you’re ready to purchase your residential network solution, pleasecontact us.